Make it To Sunday

Crock and TJ have moved to Corpus Christi. I have to learn to cook by myself and for only one person. They took 2/3 of all the spices and dry good and we only bought enough food to make it to Wednesday when TJ left. Yesterday, I had a baked sweet potato. My cereal supplies are running low. I am going to go to the store for some groceries, but first I need a plan. Hopefully one solid meal for tomorrow (Friday) will get me to Sunday, but I’ll go ahead and start thinking about the upcoming week. This Thai Noodle dish is a solid call. Thankfully, I traded most of the house alcohol for most of the spices. Here is the game plan



Results: Well the plans changed almost immediately when I went out to dinner on Friday. Then I made both meals on Saturday. The Spaghetti Squash and Kale lasted for three days tops. I used half a bag of Kale and two Italian sausages (hot dog sized), both of these were probably in too small a proportion. It heated up well. For the Thai noodle salad, I made the noodles early and left the in the refrigerator to dry and cool down. They ended up getting too stiff and sticking to each other. Next time, just take some real time to make the meal in one sitting.

Make it To Sunday